27 June 2011 @ 02:30 am
Okay, so I feel the need to explain this to people...  
I’m pretty sure the whole "handsome shark" thing, in reference to Michael Fassbender, started out as a Misfits joke. It certainly did for me...when I made it in the theater. Specifically, during the scene when Erik’s swimming towards Shaw’s boat. He glides through the water like a handsome shark, okay? It makes sense because Nathan, from the show Misfits, calls Simon a "handsome shark" because of his beady shark-like eyes. Or something? I don’t really know. It’s kind of hard to explain Nathan without just showing you the show. But the point is that it’s funny. (Especially due to the way he pronounces "shark" like "sh-air-k".) And I’m pretty sure that’s how it started, and now it’s morphed into this thing about how Fassbender has a frightening smile with a billion teeth, which is also hilarious and I do enjoy the evolution of the meme (some of the fanart to come out of it has made me cry with laughter). But I needed people to know that, apparently. And probably none of you will care. WHATEVER. I did this for myself.