mitsubachi: Johnny Weir (Gaga)
mitsubachi ([personal profile] mitsubachi) wrote on September 17th, 2010 at 04:04 pm
I can't stop listening to the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack. Has anyone seen that movie? I was unaware that Anthony Stewart Head can sing. I was also unaware that I would find that super hot. Yeah. There is no shame. I'm sure more people had a crush on Giles than would admit it.


I also can't stop listening to 30 Seconds to Mars. And speaking of attractive people, JARED LETO. Sheesuz. Eyeliner. Am I right? Uhuh. Seriously though, From Yesterday is a really great song. Also Night of the Hunter. And yay for Kings and Queens winning Best Rock Video at the VMAs. \:D/ It is a very happy making song/video.

Also, yay for Lady Gaga. Just in general. You have no idea how omg my heart I was about her using her entrance to stage a protest against DADT and that her guests were service men and women who were discharged under DADT. I mean, just. That woman is amazing. ;___;

Shameless meme pimping. I want more characters to talk about!
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