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mitsubachi ([personal profile] mitsubachi) wrote on June 20th, 2011 at 01:33 pm
Yet another Merlin themed rant.
Below the cut is my (spoilery) response to this post on tumblr, because apparently, I have a lot of ~feelings~.

Did you see deep into her heart when you decided not to trust her with information she had a right to know, huh Gaius? Because if you had, you would have seen that it was the very best of hearts, because she was the very best of people who deserved to have a confidant in Merlin, but noooo, you had to encourage him not to talk to her, to keep her in the dark.

It's just another case of the adults not trusting the youngins with information they need and have a right to know until it's too late and Sirius Black is gone and I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS, OKAY. But in this case, it's even worse because it's the silly girl that the adult didn't trust. Merlin gets a confidant. Merlin gets a teacher. Merlin gets a magic book, and support, and someone to tell him he's not a monster. But Morgana gets nothing because it's "too dangerous" for her to know. Because she can't be trusted with her powers. She had no one to tell her she wasn't a monster because Gaius* didn't trust her like he should have. Big fucking mystery that she ended up turning to the only people whom she thought she could trust and relate to. So you know what? Fuck you, Gaius.

* I know some of the blame lies with Merlin, but I blame him a lot less for this because at least he tried by sending her to the Druids even though that was pretty stupid and people died (and he isn't ever shown feeling guilty about it, wtf, show? Continuity? What continuity?). I just. I have a hard time staying mad at Merlin because he tries so hard all the time to do the right thing. And sometimes he fucks up, and yeah, poisoning Morgana without even trying to talk to her and explain what was going on was definitely a fuck up. But so often in the past when he went with his own instincts and feelings instead of following the advice of Gaius and/or Kilgarrah he ended up royally fucking up, so I feel like, at this point, he was so physically and mentally exhausted that he just kind of gave up on trusting his own feelings on what was the right or wrong thing to do. (Even though I trust his decisions way more than Gaius or Kilgarrah's, especially seeing as Kilgarrah doesn't really give a shit about people and only helps Merlin because he's magical and it might benefit him in the future.)

Of course, it still breaks my heart. I cannot tell you how upset I was with him when I watched that episode. (While still wanting to hold him to my bosom. God, Colin Morgan, why do you do these things to my heart?! ;____;) I honestly believe that, at that point in time, Morgana would have offered to sacrifice herself to protect the city. She wasn't brainwashed to the point of no return yet. And if she had had a chance to figure out that Morgause used her without her permission to kill all of those innocent people, I believe things would have turned out a lot differently.

Speaking of, fucking Morgause. I hate her. Who knows what lies she fed Morgana over the year she was with her. Oh, and Morgana ordering the deaths of those innocent towns people felt so overdone to me. Like, the writers were just doing it to be like, "Look, look! She really is evil now!" FAIL. -____-

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