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mitsubachi ([personal profile] mitsubachi) wrote on June 18th, 2011 at 01:39 pm
This is something that has really been bothering me.
oh, fandom. once again, we need to talk. - Fabulous post about shipper freedom within Merlin fandom in particular.

THANK YOU. I haven’t seen this kind of behavior among my personal online friends, but I have seen it in communities and such. Either people are villainized for continuing to ship Arthur/Merlin now that Arthur/Gwen is canon, or even worse, people hate on Gwen. D:<

I was actually a little bored with Arthur/Merlin in Season 3 because, well…mostly because I was too focused on weeping over Morgana’s character death. (I still love Morgana and if she doesn’t reconcile with Arthur by the end of this show (like she does in some myths, might I add), I will cry.) But mostly because, honestly, Arthur sort of bored me this season. As did Gwen. Which breaks my heart because I adore Gwen of season one and two with her constant foot-in-mouth syndrome and just overall wonderfulness. ;___;

ANYWAY. I still read Arthur/Merlin fic more than anything else because one, this fandom produces some pretty fantastic stuff, and two, I still feel like they have more chemistry than Arthur/Gwen, although I don’t diss anyone for enjoying Arthur/Gwen. But then, I feel like EVERYONE has more chemistry than Arthur/Gwen. Merlin/Gwen for example. FUCKING ADORABLE. And Merlin/Morgana. FUCKING HOT LIKE THE BURNING SUN (and also my other otp; where is the fic, dammit!). Gwen/Lance. Also adorable. Arthur/Morgana. Would be hot anyway, but is doubly so because it’s incestuous. Merlin/Gwaine. Adorable because Gwaine adores Merlin right off the bad. Basically, Merlin/EVERYONE because Colin Morgan is incapable of turning off the sexual tension with anything he passes. Including a stump. Or Excalibur. I saw how he handled hir blade, hur hurr. But anyway, I’m getting carried away again.

What I’m trying to say is that I am tired of being made to feel like bad person who probably hates women when I don’t ship a het pairing more than a slash one. (And side note: I actually do, if we’re talking RPF: Katie/Colin ALL THE WAY.) I also hate it when people who primarily ship slash pairings make the excuse that there aren’t enough strong female characters because that’s bullcrap and also way uncool, but I still think that people who primarily ship slash pairings shouldn’t be frowned upon (unless they make stupid excuses; a valid excuse may be, “I like it”…just an example). But I hate even more when people bash on the female character for breaking up their pairing, because UGH UGH UGH, why is it always the female’s fault? PLUS, HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF POLYAMORY? There are many solutions to this “problem,” and none of them should include, “Women are oogy and should gtfo.” The end. /rambling
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